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We Increase Sales for On-Demand Apps and Retail Brands

We power
Individualized Timing

We enable consumer apps and retail stores to reach the
right individuals at the right time

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32 %
Customer Spend Increase

From Push Notifications & Texts Sent by our Engine

84 %
Average Reaction Rate

Industry's Average: 6%

Our predictions stem from granular context learned from distinct user behaviors and external data sources unique for each individual's highly dynamic interests

What is

Utilizing Temporal Logic to bring actionable insights & intelligent predictions
unique for each individual at different times.

Time puts activities into context,

which means anticipating

This is just with 2 signals!
Today we combine 35+ different signals to form meaningful patterns to generate accurate predictions about an individual's interest and intent.

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Consumer App?

Breinify’s AI increases transactions and time in app.


Increase in Customer Spending


Increase in App Usages

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Large Retailer?

Breinify’s AI increases traffic and sales for physical stores.


Increase in Revenue per 1°F Growth


Increase in Sales based on Events

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Gain an unparalleled advantage
by delivering

Individual Hyper-Relevancy

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The Best Part?
Fast & Easy Set-Up

Are you integrated with Segment or mParticle? If so, NO ENGINEERING NEEDED!

Otherwise, simply install our SDK or server-side libraries to become a data scientist, engineer, and marketer all in 1.

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Explore Our
Temporal Data Sets

Our data sets are hyper-localized for a specific individual

  • Weather Specific for each individual and neighborhood
  • Holidays Act on upcoming holidays, not just the main ones
  • Events React only to individuals attending specific events
  • Others Have a request? Let us know!

These temporal data sets are empower the ability to move beyond traditional user segments


Distinct Temporal Patterns


Temporal Data Sources


Programming Language