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What is Time-Driven?

Utilizing Temporal Logic to bring actionable insights & intelligent predictions
unique for each individual at different times.

Time puts activities into context,

which means anticipating

This is just with 2 signals!
Today we combine 35+ different signals to form meaningful patterns to generate accurate predictions about an individual's interest and intent.

Temporal Intelligence API

Our Temporal Intelligence API provides temporal triggers and visualizes patterns
enabling you to predict a visitor’s dynamic activities.

Temporal Data Enrichment

Enrich your user understanding super easily.
Let us know what your user is doing and we can tell you the temporal triggers directly affecting that user.

  • Current Weather Send relevant push notifications based on the current weather for each individual
  • Upcoming Holidays Automate unique experiences for each visitor’s individual set of cultural holidays
  • Time Zone Gain insight if your customer or if a new lead is located in the same area
  • Regional Events Predict shifts with common behavior irrelevant to past browsing our purchase history

You get all 4 types of data combined into 1 simple structure data
given an email, IP address, or city, such as this example:

You are in the city: Ashburn, VA, US
Your are in the timezone: America/New_York
Your current date and time: 3/1/2017 15:09:24
Your current weather: light rain with a temperature of 19.33°C (66.79°F)
Your precipitation level: none - precipitation amount: 0
Today’s Holiday: Zero Discrimination Day - special_day / Ash Wednesday - religious

Visualize Temporal Data

Do you have temporal data?
Not yet?
Or have you caught onto the trend and you’re working with some time intervals? Either way, you can get started with our API to be ahead of the game.

Add our activity endpoint to get
real-time visualizations

** Or upload historical data within our dashboard

Find temporal patterns at various intervals of time

Discover unique patterns and upcoming interests for each visitor


Distinct Temporal Patterns


Temporal Data Sources


Programming Language

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Today, your typical visitor
has identities from

Many Data Sources & Signals

Is browsing behavior and past purchases enough?

Your visitor’s user behavior
is affected by

Temporal Logic

Interested in actionable temporal insights?

Gain an unparalleled advantage
by delivering

Individual Hyper-Relevancy

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